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Tomek Michniewicz – a reporter, traveler, photographer, tv & radio host with a hard-to-pronounce last name. Author of five award-winning, bestselling non-fiction books. A host of tv show „The Other World”, as well as radio show „Map of the World” in Radio Zet, second-biggest broadcaster in Poland.

Winner of a National Geographic Traveler award, Personality of the Year award and four awards at Mediatravel Media & Civilization Festival. He also hosts finale gala of Colossus awards, the biggest travel festival in Europe, as well as sits in its jury panel. He also judges photos in Great Photography Contest of National Geographic Poland.

His projects attract media attention on a regular basis, as he dives head first into his topics, taking the experiences to the fullest even if it involves serious risks along the way.

He worked with local police to track down and bust a Zambian-Congolese gang of ivory poachers. In Cambodia he followed art robbers and smugglers, collecting evidence against them. He explored jungles of Cameroon in search of isolated Baka communities and reported ivory poaching and WWF field office’s work and traveled Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or eastern Nepal.

He visited the notorious San Quentin prison in California (exploring the prison code, gang relations and regulatory policies) and USAF Edwards base (looking at the development of future warfare technologies). In the casinos of Las Vegas, he observed professional card cheats and con men during their work.

Tomek joined the famous Mel Fisher Treasures crew in their search for the lost treasure of the Atocha galleon. While writing his second book he also worked with gold and treasure hunters of New Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and in Indonesia.

He spent two years exploring the jungles of northern Laos, researching magic rituals of the Akha, Khamu and Lantan tribes, as well as challenging dubious claims of superhuman abilities presented at some Asian religious festivals (e.g. Vegetarian Festival on Phuket, Thailand and Thaipusam in Malaysia) with assistance from European doctors and scientists.

As the only Western journalist based in Nepal in 2008, he reported the start of bloody demonstrations which led to overthrowing the monarchy and the introduction of democracy into the country. He is also the only Polish journalist who managed to get access to a military Maoist camp in Nepal.

While writing about marine life issues, he dived with great white sharks and bullsharks among other shark species. He rafted down the famous Zambezi River, described as the wildest white water rafting corridor in the world. He organizes expeditions into jungles and deserts of the world. He backpacked across 62 countries searching for issues to investigate.

In Poland he promotes responsible travel and ecological awareness, working with various NGOs. For over ten years he was dedicated to saving African black rhinos during his widely reported project called ‘Tatende’. He also regularly takes part in charity projects and supports various social campaigns.

Besides being a journalist, Tomek produces TV and radio shows, works as a consultant for media business solutions and coordinates international projects. When he is not working, he takes pleasure in diving, hiking, freeride skiing, paintballing, and playing Texas Hold’em poker.