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„A creaking sound”

Wydawnictwo Otwarte, 2018.

It is so good to find, among so many writers that only want to depict their little worlds, a writer who does want to depict the world. Even if it’s impossible – and that’s the beauty of this attempt.


Lubimyczytać.pl: 8,7 (readers’ rating)

A Creaking Sound is a touching portrait of the contemporary world told in seven different stories about ordinary people whose fates predestine them to become heroes. Seven journeys in time. And since time is given to us in the form of memory, it will be seven journeys through the seven memories of seven ordinary people. On the surface it’s the same world and the same periods of time, but they’re seen from the different perspectives of an inhabitant of Uganda, the USA, Colombia, India, Finland, Zimbabwe and Japan.

The latest book by the award-winning reporter Tomasz Michniewicz is an unusual combination of personal stories and an insightl look at the global problems of the contemporary world. In a very vivid and convincing manner the author shows the world as the characters see it, forcing readers to reflect on the human condition.

’Parallel World’  

Wydawnictwo Otwarte, 2015.
Lubimyczytać.pl: 7,8 (readers’ rating).

Eight stories from eight different places in the world. All of them very often portrayed in the media, yet misunderstood and distorted in their „tv image”. Fundamentalism in Pakistan, special forces operators, paradise-on-Earth Maldives, extreme sports, violence in Johannesburg…

Book on places we think we know, but…

’Your Own Way’ 

Wydawnictwo Otwarte, 2014

Lubimyczytać.pl: 7,46 (readers’ rating)

Intimate, very emotional story of self-discovery through journeys. Three people, three different places, the same questions about life, purpose and „passion or responsibility” priorities.

Saudi Arabia, Cameroon and US – different backdrops to the same global issues of greed, poverty and exploitation.

‚Your Own Way’ topped sales charts in first week in bookshops, and received applauding reviews across the board.

’Fever. In the World of Treasure Hunters’

Wydawnictwo Otwarte, 2011

Lubimyczytać.pl: 7,5 (readers’ rating) 

Welcome to the inner circle of the most famous treasure hunters in the world. This book is a story told in the first person, with an African savannah and the Caribbean Sea as backdrops to the adventures.

Expect treasure coves on deserted islands, emeralds hidden in old Spanish mines, shootouts, betrayals and prison for those who make a mistake. Many people think it’s a work of fiction. It’s not. It’s true in every detail.

„Samsara. Na drogach, których nie ma”

Wydawnictwo Otwarte, 2010
Lubimyczytac.pl: 7,4 (readers’ rating)

TomekMichniewicz’s award-winning debut, acclaimed by readers and critics alike. ‘Samsara’ received the highest praise from many important reviewers and climbed the bestseller lists.

It’s an inspiring tale of what happens when you pack your backpack and buy a one-way air ticket. It’s an anthem to how magnificent the world is, written with humor and knowledge, with a focus on Asian magic and spirituality.