„GO!” in Radio Zet (2016-…)

My travel segment. Recommendations, top destinations and places off the beaten path. Tips, tricks and more. Fri, Sat and Sun at 12.40PM in Radio Zet (second biggest broadcaster in Poland).

You can find some of the bits HERE.


For TTV (part of TVN media group) I realized two documentaries. Both from rather difficult places, showcasing pieces of seemingly obvious and one-dimensional subjects. Are they really?

» „PAKISTAN: TWO FACES”: Muslim fundamentalism as seen by muslims themselves. Far in Pakistan’s mountains. Who’s the terrorist and who’s the victim here? Are Talibs „us” or „them”? Is sufi islam a religion of peace or a war doctrine? Rather demanding (production-wise) piece of tv.

» „JOHANNESBURG”: cold analysis of roots of violence and crime rampaging South Africa’s Jo’burg. Post-apartheid world, high walls and barbwire fences, accusations flying both ways and everyday struggle to survive. All seen from both slum areas and underdeveloped districts and closed, rich compounds.


A series of travel shows for TTV tv station. Each episode featured one person taken for a trip to a place that made him or her confront all the fears, stereotypes, and popular image of foreign cultures. Series were produced in Malaysia, Indonesia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Tanzania and Morocco.

» THAILAND: THE BOXER. Michał Zieliński, fighter sportsman in muay thai camp in Thailand.

» MALDIVES: THE TOURIST. Dark side of tropical „paradise”.

» ZIMBABWE: THE ENVIRONMENT. With TVN24’s anchor Anita Werner we looked behind the scenes of African conservation business.

„REST OF THE WORLD” in Polish Radio Channel 1 (2013-2016)

My weekly travel show, prime time 9 AM on Fridays.  About travel and travelers, stereotypes, challenges, social issues, environment, active life and people who don’t respect body’s limits. Sometimes serious (terrorism, international affairs, poverty), sometimes fun (climbers, sailors and tropical beaches).

You can listen to older shows online HERE.

„Channel 3 CROSSING BORDERS” in Polish Radio Channel3 (2007-2009)

Here you can find some of my older stories prepared for PR3 during various assignments in the world.


USA: San Quentin, California



USA: Conman

Cheating Las Vegas’ casinos? Why not.



Hong Kong: Kung Fu (master Wan Kei Ho)



India: cinema in Colcatta



Cambodia: art smugglers 



Thailand: Muay Thai (part 1) 



USA: Edwards Air Force Base



Nepal: Mout Everest 



Thailand: Top the charts



Vietnam: natural medicine hospital



USA: Wild West



China: hard sell



Laos: Akha village



South Korea: Food



USA: Pimp my ride (Los Angeles) 



Norway: dinner with Michelin stars



USA: Los Alamos



USA: Hollywood Stars



Norway: Music



USA: Barack Obama’s rally