Wrocław International Travel Trade award 2017

Tomek received Wrocław ITT’s award for „Travel Inspiration”.

Colossus 2015+ host

Tomek hosts finale gala of the most prestigous travel award in Poland, as well as the biggest travel festival in Europe, Colossus. Since 2017 he is also a member of the jury in Travel category.

Essence of Nature 2016

Award for environment conservation efforts, publications and promoting responsible tourism, as well as Tatende project.

aFrykas Award 2015

Tomek received aFrykas Award for his journalistic work towards responsible media coverage of topics related to developing countries and his ‚Your Own Way’ project in Uganda.

Afrykamera documentary festival jury 2015

Tomek was invited to judge documentaries submitted to well-renowned Afrykamera film festival.

Colossus 2014 nominee

Tomek was nominated to Colossus award in „Journey of the Year” category, for project exploring Caeroonian jungle in search of isolated Baka communities and efforts to report ivory poaching and illegal deforestation.

Colossus 2013 nominee

Tomek will showcase his photos from the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket at the annual Colossus gala – the most important and prestigious travel festival in Poland. The average audience for each presentation exceeds 4,000 people.

Spark Foundation’s Friend

Recognized for taking part in a charity project helping a 24-year-old cancer survivor to get a new leg prosthesis and overcome disability. Tomek guided the girl on a several day long trek through the bush in Zimbabwe to prove that everything is possible. Award received from the Spark Foundation.

Mediatravel 2012

A special award at Mediatravel, a journalist and explorer festival. The award was given outside the existing categories, as the jury couldn’t fit it into any of the fixed brackets, thus calling for the creation of a brand new category, the ‘Amazing’, which was felt would best reflect the nature of Tomek’s projects. Tomek was awarded this for two of his most recent projects – treasure hunters and ivory poachers gang bust.

National Geographic Traveler nominee

Tomek’s project ‘Tatende’ – a fundraiser for the Imire black rhino breeding station in Zimbabwe – was nominated in the category “Social Campaign of the Year”.

Colossus 2012

Tomek showcased two of his projects at the annual Colossus gala – the most important and prestigious travel festival in Poland. His presentation was watched by an audience of more than 4,000 people.

Mediatravel 2011

Tomek won three awards at the 2011 edition of the Mediatravel awards – the Expedition Award (searching for magic practices in Asia), the Book Award (‘Samsara’) and the Radio Show Award (his story from San Quentin prison). He is the only Polish journalist so far to be given awards in three different categories.

Media Festival 2009 nominee

Tomek’s radio story from inside San Quentin prison was nominated in the category of Best Radio Feature of the year.